Scarlet Hunter

Best Selling Author of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance

Welcome. Come on in and make yourself at HOME.

Born and raised in Tennessee. Committed to my full-time job by day, I sneakingly turn paranormal, fantasy, science-fiction romance novelist by NIGHT! *evil laugh*

Being a single working professional, I enjoy spending my downtime jotting down as many adventures and love stories that I can . I get a lot of help from my pride and joy, Junebug, who shows me her support by keeping my laptop nice and dust free! *laughs*

In February 2013, I released my first self publication, Curator's Curse, Book One of Legends of the Immortal Bloods series.  The first of many books yet to I hope to see you again, soon.

Click on the image for my blog talk radio interview discussing what we all love best, BOOKS.