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Hello, and thank you for visiting. Not only do I have a passion for writing, but my other love is painting. As a young lady, I dabbled with the occasional sketch or painting. Back then it was pencil and paper for not only writing down stories, but of catching the unique feature of animals or landscapes. Over the years, my fondness grew deeper and I tried my skill with acrylic paints. From then on...I was hooked. I believe having a hobby (or hobbies in this keeps the soul in a good place. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I had painting them. If you don't already have a hobby of your own, get out in the world and find what you enjoy most in you life and pursue it. It can be a life safer and very rewarding. Now...without further ado - welcome to my other world - ART!

This is a sketch/portrait of my fur baby. She's my pride and joy and steals my heart with each and every purr!


The story behind this art work and the one below it, Treasure's Island, came to me upon my visit to Treasure Island, FL. My mother, Aunt Sherry, my best friend Nada. and I went to Florida the week of September 10-18, 2016, to celebrate my 40th birthday. What a milestone, and WHAT a week of birthday celebrations it was. We had the best time in the world. One of our many visits to the beach, I took video of seagulls wandering the shore. I fell in love instantly and wanted to capture one where every time I'd look at him, he would take me back to that special day on the beach with my family and friends. Even my brother and my nephew joined us, and we had he best time digging up seashells in the sand. I'll never forget that day!


Here is the second picture I painted from my birthday trip to Florida. We took many pictures from our hotel balcony. Many, many beautiful sunsets. Here is one of them...I imagine I'm one of the lucky ones on the sailboat. :-)


This one is very special. When my mother and step-father married, September 14, 2003, mom carried Calla Lilies as her wedding bouquet. I wanted to give her this art work to represent such a memorable day in her life.


Now this one doesn't have a very significant story. To be honest, my home, which I've lived in for over seven years now doesn't have much art work to add color to my grey walls. Therefore, I painted this portrait because I loved the color palate, and my fondness of horses. I hung this in the hallway leading to my garage and laundry room. After a long day at the office, I smile as BLUE is the first thing I see.


Here, I decided to play with Gesso. It's used to help protect the fibers of the canvas. I never used it before this art work, and I have to say, it helps sculpture your painting. Basically like a primer, if you will. I mixed gesso with some of my acrylic paint and it gave the art a different texture. I loved it and will use more often in other paintings. Actually, the next one you'll see, which will be a very large canvas, gesso will have a large role.