Scarlet Hunter
Best Selling Author of Paranormal & Fantasy Romance...

Scarlet Hunter

Best Selling Author of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance

Dust of Darkness

Book One - The Reign of Darkness

Published by: Lucky Clover Publishing

Genre: Fantasy Romance
Adult Content 18+


     Overjoyed by the beginning of the season’s coloration, Raina’s senses abruptly stopped her from continuing. She wasn’t alone. Quickly descending, landing on earth, her wings retracted and she searched for danger. She heard nothing, saw nothing. The woods were quiet, too quiet. Not one chirping bird could be heard. Remaining still, she concentrated and expanded her search when a voice behind her broke the silence.

     “Aw, what do we have here?”

     She didn’t need to turn around. Raina smelled him too late but knew instantly. A Watcher. Gradually turning to meet the demon’s face, ready to attack, when their eyes met, an electric shock burst through her body. Demons were evil and supposed to be grotesque, weren’t they? Surprisingly, her skin blushed from his striking masculinity radiating from every inch of his build. Heart thumping, rising along with her libido, Raina suddenly found her mouth parched. Clearing her throat, trying to find any saliva to swallow, she couldn’t take her gaze off him. He is the enemy, Raina…nothing more!