Scarlet Hunter
Best Selling Author of Paranormal & Fantasy Romance...

Scarlet Hunter

Best Selling Author of Paranormal and Fantasy Romance


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MANY THANKS - Scarlet Hunter

Quotes First time read for this author and i will be getting all of the rest of her books. Her style is so refreshing and the story line is captivating. I work many hours a day and the story kept me thinking of it all day till i could to it and read. Thank You Quotes
gaylene jones
Heavens Sacrifice

Quotes Yes. I am happy to say I've read all three books by Scarlet Hunter. I had the pleasure of meeting her and obtained signed copies. If you enjoy a Paranormal Romance, you will love Curator's Curse and Thirst of the Sea. Who doesn't love vampires, right? Ha. However, I must say, I truly enjoyed Dust of Darkness. I've never read a story about Demons and Fairies, so the concept got my attention first off. But what moves me the most is how Scarlet writes her characters and the way she interprets certain scenes in the story. She truly makes you feel as though you are right there, which makes this book a real page turner. Thank you Scarlet for writing these great stories. I look forward to your next book releases. A VERY HAPPY READER...and FAN!!! Quotes
Dust of Darkness, Curator's Curse & Thirst of the Sea